Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services

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Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services are social, behavioral, and cognitive intervention provided by members of a client’s therapeutic team that build on strengths and focus on restoring the client’s ability to develop and maintain social relationships, occupational or educational achievement, and other independent living skills that are affected by or the result of a serious mental illness in clients who are 17 years of age and older.

Psychosocial rehabilitative services include independent living services, coordination services, and employment, housing, and medication-related services. Psychosocial rehabilitative services may also address the impact of co-occurring disorders upon the client’s ability to reduce symptomology and increase daily functioning. If psychosocial rehabilitation is in the treatment plan, the treatment plan cannot simultaneously include skills training and development or targeted case management services. Psychosocial rehabilitative services may not be provided to a client who is currently admitted to a crisis stabilization unit.

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