About Our Company

Our Values

We will protect the dignity and privacy of individuals served without regard to race, religion, disability national origin, or gender.

Our Mission

To strengthen our community and improve the lives of our clients by delivering excellent health and human services tailor to meet the need of our patient.

Our Goals

To accommodate your behavioral health needs in today’s society, especially individual with behavioral health.

Our Commitment

We offer the highest quality of therapeutic treatment services available, treating and enabling relief of emotional development deficiencies for youths, adults, and adolescents. At the completion of treatment, the client will be emotionally stable, a wise decision-maker and a user of the skills acquired enabling them to become a responsible, reliable and productive member of society. It is the hope and faith of this corporation that when treatment with a client is complete that our commitments and goals have been accomplished.

Children / Adolescents

We offer services to children and adolescents from age 6 through 17 with behavior or emotional disorders that limits a child’s performance in the areas of academics, social, vocational or personal skills.

Common problem children/adolescents experience includes but not limited to:


Community Support System offer services to adult from age 18 and older with severe mental illness with personality disorders that substantially interfere with their ability to carry out such school.

Reason for admission may include but not limited to: